The Tards

DaniEMc^2 Pho Band

DaniEMc^2 Pho Band


by Daniel Brouse on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 1:39am.

About The Band Tards = DaniEMc^2 Pho
Purcelless – Inspiration / Brother / Grams and Sweets
This band is dedicated to you… us. Thanks for the call.

Formed and performed at the Pale Horse in West Chester, PA, USA.

Toucan as Captured by Mike Tyler

Toucan as Captured by Mike Tyler

R. Daniel P. J. — Singer / Songwriter / Guitar / Vocals
Daniel — as Daniel
William Valentine Serge — ukulele, guitar, percussion
Kevin Hughes — as Kev The Drummer
John-Paul Jones — Trumpet
David Nussbaumer — Bass
Richard Washington — Keyboards
Steve Reynolds — Vocals
Titus — Percussion
Toucan – Dog
Mike Tyler – Dog Photographer
Dan O. — Singer / Songwriter / Harmonica / Vocals / Drums
Arron as Daniel Savage — Arron

The Tards FaceBook Archive

first 3 songs
2 hits

song 1 – no name, not a hit in C by Dan 0., Rob Perna Jr., Daniel Brouse
song 2 – Trouble Trouble Dm by Rob Perna Jr., Daniel Brouse
song 3 – Gimpy Pale Horse Blues G by Dan 0., Rob Perna Jr., Daniel Brouse, Aaron C. Polli

Syd Barrett Pink Easter Egg Hunt Soundtrack

[first of the last drafts published as this on fb... Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 1:39am]

Post to Daniel Savage:
Thanks for the inspiration last night! When you called Arron, he had a Daniel in each ear… so, we started forming a band of songwriters under the name — Stereo Daniel. This led to the discovery of a *secret formula*… passing through Quadraphonic Daniel… resulting in:
Music = DaniEMc^2 Pho

Since you weren’t there, and Arron isn’t named Daniel, we billed him as *Arron as Daniel Savage*.

Are ya up for being in another band?

Anyway… Kim went on to rename the band The Tards… because….

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