Humiliation Woes

by Daniel Brouse and Matt Burke
for the Project Halloween (My Birthday)

Cm C
G F E Eb E Eb C

Inspired when a friend (who had recently broken-up with his long time girlfriend) walked into our recording session.

Matt – vocals, guitar
Daniel – vocals, keyboards

Humiliation Woes Intro YouTube
Humiliation Woes Intro .mp4

Humiliation Woes YouTube
Humiliation Woes .mp4

I see where I’ve been
Don’t need to go there
No need to rub my nose
Humiliation woes

They only see my former life
Music is better than a wife
Former life is all they see
But, my yesterday is history
Their yesterday memory

G F Em
The [future] train stops just ’round the bend
No more humiliation woes
That’s how it goes

[Train station reads *Promised Land*]

Humiliation Woes Alternative Intro YouTube