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by the Holiday Band

These selections are part of an on-going Christmas tradition - an original Internet Christmas Album (started in 1994 and nourished every year thereafter.) It's a multimedia project that is part of the new era of American Music.

New Releases


A lil' holiday ditty for the refugee.

The Birth of Jesus

Based on the Book Of Luke A song about Syria and refugees. Jews, Christians and Muslims are all known as "Religions of The Book". Sometimes we seem to forget that we are "one and the same" and our message is still the same: Peace On Earth. Goodwill Toward Man.

Red Cups (The Holy Grail)

I've been inspired to write a new lyric based on your inspiration. It's entitled "My Red Cup" (working title The Holy Grail) All hail The Holy Grail My cup is red, but usually only on Easter... er, a... I mean Good Friday.


The day you get to say "that baby's part me" May the light of the world shine fine Lay your eyes upon the spectacle of a miracle Lay your hands upon me... feel mercy It's a miracle! A spectacular spectacle for all! On the same day that you pray you see delivery Deliver a....

It's Alive

If you're board, why not go searching for the Lord They say, It's aliveā€ Into the hunt let's dive They say, "Christ the Lord has risen today" Let's search until we find If that's what they had in mind Let's search until we find Or 'til our eyes go blind Are our I's already....

Laying Down The Lord

A wise friend once explained to me: in Hebrew the word "Lord" means "the Law". The Law is: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. LYRICS -- I find it hard to be Believe Be leave Believe Three kings would come to see The birth of me....


Thought it couldn't get much stranger There's a babe lying in a manger Little Boy Blue come blow your horn The one not to call himself King has just been born Thought I heard angels Trumpets and bell jangles Little Boy Blue come blow your horn Lookin' like the New Day is born....

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