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Independence Hall In Philadelphia, PA I went to see the Liberty Bell,
And, had to ask,
"What is this hell?!?!?"

They took me to task,
Search me...
Why they had to,
Search me,
Then, you, too?
Even a small child,
Could be dangerously wild?
Or, could it be the authoritarian,
We should be fearin'?

The Liberty Bell In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania It seems Independence Mall,
Is liberty free,
For all,
And, the Liberty Bell,
Is liberty free,
As well.

While you make me wait.

Why frustrate?
Or, is it too late?

We use to sing,
Let freedom ring,
But, here's something,
For ya,
There's no freedom,
In Philadelphia,
So, Elton,
A re-designation --
"Philadelphia Free Done" The Liberty Bell's Crack

I'd love to,
Live and breathe,
That Philadlephia freedom,
"Philadelphia freedom,
I love you...
Yes, I do."
But, this Philadelphia freedom,
Is done.

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