Dying Lifeforms


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Very, very interesting. I have been feeling intuitively (so I rarely mention it) that the light is different - harsher, brighter. There are more skin cancers that's for sure.

As for ozone and human health, I think it is going to be deadly. It could well be the reason that asthma is reaching epidemic proportions especially among inner city kids. Since there is no abatement in sight to the rise in ozone, it's going to start killing off the most vulnerable first.

Panic? I foresee a day, soon, when the fact that trees are dying in, as you said, an exponential acceleration, and the news finally hits the front page, the grocery stores will be emptied in hours and trucks of produce hijacked. Science has examples of sudden rapid lurches in a trend. Change is not linear. Did you read "With Speed and Violence?" - the best description of mass extinctions and how they unfold.

Look how people raid the stores when a snowstorm is predicted!

I'll let you know when I find out more about the camera. I'm hoping to get a government agency or foundation interested in funding a study. I don't know that it will diagnose ozone damage per se, but if it could prove that the trees are damaged inside, and reveal the extent, then perhaps more scientists will be inspired to make the link on a grander scale.

The trees may beat me to it. I'm in Spring Lake today, on the Jersey shore, and every leaf exhibits a loss of chlorophyll.

Thank you so much for sending me your comment and all the informative links. It feels like a puzzle is finally falling into place.

Of course, something as diffuse as ozone is a much worse problem than intermittent drought, but still, it gives scientific corroboration which is critical to get action.

I noticed with unease yesterday that my basil plants are starting to look like the lotus.

Enjoy this lovely day.

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