E-commerce and business assistance from Glistening Web Communications Corporation
Welcome Aboard!
Glistening Web Communications Corporation, P.O. Box 994, Blue Bell, PA 19422

Here are some things that we would like you to know:

  1. Our main phone number is 215-628-9995 - Fax is 215-628-9558

  2. Your main contact is Wally Urbanavage - Direct - 267-468-0522, email address is wally@philanet.com

  3. Altogether, Glistening Web manages and monitors over 200 domains, and over 3,000 websites, including:

  4. We are a full service Internet company, meaning that we can help with all your domain name, hosting, connectivity, website design, forms, e-commerce, e-mail, education, security, multi-media, advertising, and marketing needs. There are other areas that we cover, but the list would get very long.

  5. We strongly recommend considering your education needs as part of your e-commerce strategy, so that we can better help you to achieve your goals. To schedule a one-on-one or group session, please contact us.

  6. Work orders are to be submitted in the following ways:
    • Via emailed text (plain text) in the body of the email - no attached files with .doc, .xls, .pub, or similar file extensions will be accepted.
    • Photos can be snail-mailed via hard copy to the address above or e-mailed as attachments in .jpg format, one per e-mail message please.
    • Other hard copy materials can be snail-mailed to the address above.

  7. URL's for your reference:

  8. We have established loyal audiences and over 100 BRAND NAMES on a local, regional, national, and international level. Our network reaches millions of viewers every month.

  9. We have been in business since 1994, and were one of the first companies to run a commercial web server.

  10. We welcome all referrals, and are strong believers in developing business by "word of mouth".

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