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by Diane Anderson... 


First Ave. Bar, Minneapolis, MN

February 24, 2001

On Saturday, February 24, here in Minnesota, as we were in between two severe snow storms, with warnings of no travel, 1800 people showed up at the First Ave. Bar in downtown Minneapolis for the much awaited sold out Tesla show. It has been over 7 years since the 5 original band members have played together. People stared lining up about an hour before doors opened in rain and sleet, all talking about the last time they saw Tesla. For me, it was around 1988 when they came through here as the opening act for Def Leppard -- they played for 3 sold out show, 15,000 people a night, and they put on one hell of a show then. We were all anticipating what would happen tonight. Once doors opened at 6:30, we all took our spots at the stage to wait for 2 hours before Tesla, who had no opening act this night.

At 8:30, Tesla took the stage and opened up with "Cumin' Atcha Live." The crowd went wild. There on stage was Jeff Keith, Frank Hannon, Tommy Sheoch, Brian Wheat and Troy Luccketta. This was a dream come true. They sounded great and were having a great time on stage. It was like 10 years hadnít gone by; they all looked great and sounded great. They had the attention of the entire crowd for the whole show. Other songs they played were, "Little Suzi," "Gettin' Better," "Modern Day Cowboy," "Signs," "Love Song," "Heaven's Trail," "What You Give," and "The Way It Is."

The show lasted almost two hours.  I had a chance to meet the band after the show. Keith did say that the band was tentatively planing on a studio album out hopefully this fall. I do recommend seeing this show. Tickets here in Minneapolis sold out in 2 days, so if you want to go, plan on getting tickets right away.

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