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If you're interested in covering your local music scene, contact the Renegade at (401) 849-3972 or geoff@geoffwilbur.com. As a "Local Scene" writer, you choose the clubs and the bands you cover. All you have to do is meet the writing deadlines. This is your opportunity to help expose your area's best bands to a broader public and to the music industry. No pay. Great perks. Call for details.

Music News 

Lansing, MI

Root Doctor was featured on a program called AfterHours. It aired Saturday, March 31st on WKAR (East Lansingís public television station) at 11:30 pm. Itís a 30-minute program with some Root Doctor favorites. The program will also air in Flint on Wednesday, April 18th at 11:30 pm on public television station WFUM.

New Hampshire

GWRN extends its condolences to the members of Saje, as well as those close to the band. John Robertson, the original Saje drummer, passed away recently. Saje notes it plans to carry on words John lived by... "Art as expression, not as market campaigns, will still capture our imaginations..." There will be a memorial for John on the Saje web site (www.sajemusic.com) soon.

Cleveland, OH

The Mike Farley Band won Best Rock Band and Best Singer/Songwriter in the Cleveland Free Times Music Awards.

Dallas, TX

Eden Automatic has a new drummer -- Todd Dubuisson. Todd has played with numerous Dallas-Fort Worth bands, including P4 and Hellafied Funk Crew.

Also, Eden Automatic has also signed a publishing deal with Bill Shefte and Gold Leaf Productions (Charlotte, NC).

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Featured Band News

(special section of the Country Music Industry Edition)

This section is devoted to new news (big gigs, contest achievements, sales milestones, etc.) of bands covered in full-length feature stories in past Country Music Industry Editions.

Terri Allard (Summer 1998 -- Reckless Abandon Music, P.O. Box 592, Crozet, VA 22932; http://www.terriallard.com) is expecting her first child in May, so she played her last pre-baby gig on April 6th at the Starr Hill Music Hall. Also, Terriís music was recently featured in the January/February 2001 Virginia Musicianís Anniversary issue of the Richmond, VA magazine 64. The issue came with a compilation CD that included Terriís song "I Donít Want To Know."

Peter Britt (Summer 1998 -- http://www.peterbritt.com) recently reached #1 on the country/rock charts at mp3.com/australia.

George Lee Jr. & the Crazed Cowboys (Fall 2000 -- Bright Beginnings, 8530 White Ave., St. Louis, MO 63144; http://www.crazedcowboys. com) have announced their second CD release, Damn! It Feels Good to Be a Cowboy!.

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