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Living in a Beehive

                        Sitting in a cube watching pictures on a boob-tube, living in a beehive
Battles in the hall rattle pictures on my wall, and I'm lucky to be alive
Well I'm living in a beehive
Living in a beehive

Dying of thirst but the water pipe's burst, that's living in a beehive
Feeling kind of weird since the Super's disappeared, like I'm lucky to be alive
The damn radio's stuck on an AM station, the cat pan's ready to rot
The laundry pile long ago went wild, there's something growing from a darkish spot
Well that's living in a beehive
Living in a beehive

At 4 o'clock in the morning try to get some sleep but the garbage men are playing F-Troop
Try to place a call to the line at city hall I get stuck inside a voice mail loop
Well that's living in a beehive
Living in a beehive
People upstairs playing football with their chairs, they're living in a beehive
Swatting at the flies as the roaches organize, we're all lucky to be alive

Brilliant guitar work on the basic track:   Philip Gnarly
Brilliant lead guitar:   Tim McDonald
Bass:   Eric Morton
Keyboards: Phil Bennett
Drums:   Dean Butterworth
Percussion: Nicolas Bernardi
Vocals:   Peter Cross and the Crossants
Engineering in LA:   Philip Gnarley, Jimbo Head
Engineering in SF:   Lance Thomason and Jay Bowman
Final Mix:   Mark Needham

Ahhhhhhh........the joys of living in New York City, on Prince Street in "Little Italy" (just south of Greenwich Village), in an apartment seven stories up, with no elevator. Makes you learn NEVER to forget your keys. Mafia mothers fill the building, and every weekend, long black cars park outside and men with black suits, black shirts, and black shoes get out and visit their mothers. Because of them, this is one of the safest buildings in N.Y., but one of the craziest. No that's not possible. There is no way to gauge the level of insanity in N.Y.C. You either go crazy, like too many rats in one cage, or you develop a unique personality in order to survive (like Peter Cross did). Humor is essential in N.Y.C, because without humor, the place is truly nuts. It really is like living in a beehive.

Rock and Roll
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