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Why is this collection called "The Wetter the Better"?     Is it just because it sounds suggestive?   No!!!     It relates to that incredible Summer of 96, when Peter Cross, Maverick, Belchmeister, Gail Cross and Janice blew through southern California, stayed in Laguna Beach with Eric, celebrated Peter's birthday with an incredible night on the beach in San Luis Obispo where the title "The Wetter the Better" washed up out of the ocean while songs were being written and memories carved in minds forever.     So many songs were completed that summer, and so much magic occurred as if it were long overdue and everyone knew it.     It was only supposed to be a vacation and just for fun, but in hindsite, it was a rock and roll dream unfolding into reality, and it will never happen that same way again.     This is the stuff of which great movies are made, and here's the soundtrack:

(Sorry folks, no cassette available for songs 3 through 9.   Songs 1 & 2 are available on the Ego Trips and Other Vacations, our incredibly CHEAP "single" with 4 songs on it.   See, we recorded everything we could until we ran out of money, and we will have to sell a lot of cassette tapes before we can burn a new CD for this song collection, or before we can even record something new (which we would much rather do).   So why not help us out if you like our music by ordering one of the other collections?  Huh?)

1.    Mona:     Bo Diddley song, with new verses by Peter Cross
2.    I Really Hit My Bottom When I Woke Up On Top of You:
Just a joke, folks
3.    Hangin' with Arnie:     Joke rock again, courtesy of Belchmeister,
who conceived the title and the song concept
4.    Living in a Beehive:     Reggae meets the Beatles
5.    Rastafarian:     Reggae all the way. Our tribute to Bob Marley,
       Dandy, and Eric (The Red) Morton
6.    Monamour:     Ballad, a heartbreaker.     Cry along with Peter Cross
7.    Innocent Dreamer:     Peter Cross' most poignant ballad
8.    Belchmeister:     The one and only rock and roll epic of burping
9.    Kumbaya 96:     The one and only folk song epic of farting, by "The
Sisterhood" (Gail Cross and Janice)

rock and roll

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