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                    The King of the Belch was born with ability so strong
We had to record him in order to give him his own song

The King of the Belch appeared like a visitor from Mars
One of a diminishing number of natural born stars

I'm telling the world The King of the Belch is my son
All right Belchmeister, lower the big gun - SHOOT!

Presenting the one and only - Belchmeister!

The King of the Belch appeared like a visitor from Mars
One of a diminishing number of natural born stars

All right Belchmeister, make me proud son!

[Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The Belchmeister really does
belch all 26 letters of the alphabet. His "W" is a killer.]


Belches:   The Belchmeister
Guitars:   Tim McDonald
Bass:   Eric Morton
Percussion:   Nicolas Bernardi
Vocals:   Peter Cross
Recording Engineers:   Lance Thomason and Jay Bowman
Final Mix:   Mark Needham


All credit for discovering The Belchmeister goes to the fabulous and prophetic Dr. Demento. The Belchmeister airs January 18/19, 1997 on syndicated radio stations that carry the Dr. Demento show. Check the Dr. Demento Radio Log for radio stations near you. Long live Dr. Demento!!

Who is The Belchmeister, anyway? That's what everyone wants to know. He's Peter Cross' son Alex, age 9 when the Belchmeister was recorded. Peter wrote the song for Alex, to showcase his extraordinary talent, and to give him a totally unique experience that no one else could give. In some ways, this turned out to be the most difficult song to record, because the basic tracks did not come out right the first time. Peter was wanting a drum sound like a heartbeat, and for a while, was using a track where Lance Thomason thumped a microphone on his chest to simulate a heartbeat sound, but it wasn't right. One day Nicolas Bernardi walked into the studio and Peter asked him if he wanted to play some percussion tracks. He told Nicolas that he wanted the sound of a heartbeat belonging to a stupid person of the caucasian persuasion stuck in an African jungle with a tribe of headhunters beating their drums along with the heartbeat. Nicolas grabbed every African looking drum that was lying around and played three differnet percussion tracks. Timmy did his usual brilliant thing on slide guitar. Alex did 5 different tracks of burping. Peter took the best burps, sampled them to computer, assigned each burp to a key on the keyboard, and then played his son like a musical instrument to create the sound you hear now. The Belchmeister. An epic of rock and roll burping.

Rock and Roll
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