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Rock and Roll


When we created our web site, we had an idea to present a cheap "single", so cheap that anyone could afford it, and because we were so inherently generous, we produced a "single" that has not one, but four songs.     All four can be found on other Crossfire collections, but not so cheaply as here..... THIS IS REALLY CHEAP FOLKS, AS CHEAP AS IT GETS AND STILL BE REAL GOOD!!!    Yes your honor, this was our little ego trip, you really must pardon The Belchmeister and the other song with the really long title.     It happened while we were on vacation during the Summer of 96, and if you know that story, it explains a lot.     We're really going to have to sell a gazillion of these "singles" to pay for it all.

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1.   Mona:   The original Bo Diddley song, with new verse lyrics by Peter Cross
2.   Belchmeister:    The one and only rock and roll epic of burping
3.   I Really Hit My Bottom When I Woke Up On Top of You
4.   John is Alive:    Rock and roll will never die!     Our tribute to John Lennon

Rock and Roll
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