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I Really Hit My Bottom When I Woke Up On Top Of You

                        I had a bottle in front of me, or else a frontal lobotomy
I don't know which, and that's the hitch
I can't remember a thing, ain't life a bitch
There was a bar, I was a star
About a quarter to nine I hit the jar
And by eleven, I blew the place
Another hour and I couldn't feel my face
Passing out in a strange red room was the last thing I knew
I really hit bottom when I woke up on top of you

I ain't joking, I feel broken
Like a piece of chump change, a subway token
I'm on a jag, it's such a drag
I need to cover up your head with a bag
I'm half aware, I'm only human
I swear something down there smells like bitumen
I thought the ship was rotten but I didn't know how bad I could do
I really hit bottom when I woke up on top of you

Hey don't be mad, this song is rad
The entire concept's really bad
It came from a comic at Tommy T's
A real anal retentive low life sleaze
He said there ought to be a song and I knew it was the least I could do
he said "I really hit bottom when I woke up on top of you"
It didn't happen, it was a joke
The man was crapping, and I was soaked
I'm so ashamed, there's no excuse
They ought to convict me of songwriting abuse
Ten years up against the wall
No females at all
Throw away the keys
Cockroaches and fleas
Please put an end to my miseries, oh Jeez!


Basic Tracks:
  1.   Guitar:   Philip Gnarly
  2.   Bass:   Eric Morton
  3.   Drums:   Dean Butterworth
  4.   Engineering:   Philip Gnarly
Lead Guitar:   Tim McDonald
Piano:   Phil Bennett
Vocals:   Peter Cross
Engineering:   Lance Thomason and Jay Bowman
Final Mix:   Mark Needham


Basic tracks were recorded at The Tiki Hut in Hollyweird. The Tiki Hut is owned and operated by Philip Gnarly, a weird and totally gnarley talent himself. Philip, Eric and Dean cut the basic tracks on the first take, as usual. Peter finished the song with Tim McDonald at Mark Needham's studio in San Francisco. This song is a complete joke, in case you didn't pick that up from the lyrics. It is not based on personal experience. It is a good example of how the creative force works through the human mind to produce something without being asked. He wrote the song while driving his car (of course he pulled over to the side of the road to be safe, in case an officer of the law is reading this). He was somewhat embarrassed by the content of the lyric, but it made him laugh and the music he was hearing in his head seemed to be good enough to justify the effort. Therefore, the last verse is sort of an apology for allowing songwriting talent to run amock. After all, we really don't have to write down everything that comes into our minds, do we? What a scary thought!

Rock and Roll
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