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Rock and Roll

Not much is known about CROSSBOW because we just thought him up a few weeks ago. However, this much we do know. His principle function in life is to shoot Peter Cross in the butt periodically to remind him to write more songs. Besides that, CROSSBOW has some other, less glorious functions, like spreading world peace, ending hunger and disease on earth, and beating the living @#$%&* out of bad guys.

CROSSBOW lives in a tessaract built by R.B. MacDonald, licensed Architect, and better known as "Big Mac". A tessaract is a cube in four dimensions. The fourth dimension is time. When you go from the living room into the kitchen, you travel back to 1947 (good year, big war over). When you go to the bathroom, you go to the year 2000, and everybody appears to be high on something. It's very confusing. When we have it all figured out, we'll write some more.

Happy New Year. The champagne is starting to kick in, and Peter Cross has left the building (with a designated driver, of course).

Rock and Roll
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