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Innocent Dreamer

                        Sleep, innocent dreamer
Dream on forever in peace
Your flickering eyes are magical windows
Your spirit flies on a journey of release
I want to meet you in Dreamland
Tell my why we all travel alone
For tonight I'll watch over you in silence
At sunrise, I will welcome you home
So sleep, my innocent dreamer
Dream on, young love of my life
Om.......come on home
Om.......come on home

Sleep, innocent dreamer
While I run my fingers through your hair
I'll sit guard all night while you are sleeping
Hold your hand and whisper that I care
My happy tears drip down on your halo
I can hear your heart in sync with mine
How well I know no pleasure lasts forever
If I could, I would keep you for all time
So sleep, my innocent dreamer
Dream on, young love of my life
Sweet dreams, my innocent dreamer
I will always remember this night
Om.......come on home
Om.......come on home

Guitars:   Philip Gnarly
Bass:   Eric Morton
Drums:   Dean Butterworth
Keyboards: Phil Bennett
Vocal:   Peter Cross
Engineering in LA:   Philip Gnarley, Jimbo Head
Engineering in SF:   Lance Thomason and Jay Bowman
Final Mix:   Mark Needham

This song is about the last night Peter Cross spent with his sons. Because this is too sad for words, that's all the commentary we have.

rock and roll
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