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Maverick is the internet handle for Jason, son of Peter, son of Arnold, son of Otto, son of some nameless Germanic barbarian who probably looted, pillaged, and raped along with the worst of them. Fortunately, Maverick is not at all like his forefathers. He absolutely refuses to loot or pillage, and rape is out of the question. Maverick loves girls, he respects them, and he lavishes huge sums of money on his dates and all their girlfriends. Girls wishing to discuss this concept personally with Maverick should email him at (Maverick)

Maverick lives in Connecticut, in one of those perfect little towns that all teens love to move far away from. He was born in California, but he can't surf. He does get "flashbacks" about beaches and bikinis, and he is inclined to be a bit too "laid back". His favorite food is pizza (big surprise!). He agrees with Peter about Sal's, but he's a California boy at heart and loves Round Table best (plain cheese, no pepperoni thank you Belchmeister). Maverick is Belchmeister's older brother. Now there's a frightening thought.

Maverick is super-intelligent, even though his grades don't always show it. It's the teachers, of course. Blockheads, the whole lot of them. Who was it that said, "Those who can, do; Those who can't, teach"? The real problem is that the teachers never teach whatever it was that they were almost good at, but something else like math, social studies, or worst of all, music. These people haven't got a clue, probably got their teaching credential by default and lucked into a public works job where they can't be fired and incompetency is rewarded by promotion. OUCH! They hurt!

The following is a personal bio and stats for all those sexy girls.

NAME:   Jason

HEIGHT:    Does it really matter?

WEIGHT:    Under yet overweight

INTERESTS:   Thinking of ways to kill teachers; writing; drawing; killing teachers; heh) long, romantic walks at night on the beach; candlelit dinners, and really long kisses.

FAVORITE QUOTES:    To infinity, and beyond!; If the peg doesn't fit, use a bigger hammer; People will look up to you if you climb up on something high;

FAVORITE SAYINGS:    Yo f---nut!(with a New York City mafia type accent); Buenos nachos; Mi pico es muy grande.

DESCRIPTION:    On the quiet side. Somewhat peculiar. A good companion in a weird sort of way.

SPORTS:    Thumbwar while eating approximately 8.3 pounds of chocolate.

FAVORITE BANDS:    Nirvana; Garbage; Bush; Bush Garbage; Nirvanabush (better known as Twat);

LAST REPORTED WORDS:    The glove doesn't fit! It was like that when I got here. I didn't do it! (Holding cheeks and wiggling them) I am not a crook. It wasn't me, it was the one-armed-man!

rock and roll
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