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                      Say hey, Mona . . . . .Oh, Mona
Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Mona . . . . .Oh, Mona
Mona showed me what I know how to do
Go down on my knees for a woman like you
Blow me over with a black silk glove
A stronger woman makes a stronger love
Let's break out, break out, out of this jail
Whistle to wheels on a rackety rail
Make out naked on the 4th of July
Catch you later little satyr after we die
I say hey, Mona . . . . .Oh, Mona
I say yeah! yeah, yeah, yeah Mona, oh Mona
Timmy! Play for Bo! Go!

I say hey, Mona . . . . .Oh, Mona
Mona corona do you feel that heat
Down inside the Bo Diddley beat
Pump high octane into the pulse
I can't fantasize anybody else
Hey what are you doing with the Frisco Boys?
One heart hungers while another destroys
One heart shattered on a day in May
Love that's love will not fade away
Love that's love will not fade away
Not fade away, never fade away . . . . .
I say hey, Mona . . . . .Oh, Mona
I say yeah! yeah, yeah, yeah Mona, oh Mona


Song:   Bo Diddley
New Lyrics (verses):   Peter Cross
Lead guitars:   The Incredible Tim McDonald
Basic tracks:   You know who, don't you?
Vocal:   Peter Cross
Recording Engineer:   Jay Bowman
Final Mix:   Mark Needham


This song was written by the legendary Bo Diddley, and was the first song ever sung by Peter Cross in a band in front of an audience. Peter probably peformed the song thousands of times, in many different bands, but he had no plans to record it. This particular recording occurred almost as an afterthought, when Peter was at Mark Needham's recording studio finishing The Belchmeister. He was waiting for Tim McDonald to arrive to play his guitar tracks on Belchmeister when new lyrics for the verses to "Mona" popped into his head, all in about 20 minutes. From conception to final mixdown took a total of 7 hours. This is not only an all time speed record for Peter, but it marks the only time Peter has ever recorded a version of a song written by someone else.

rock and roll
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