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This is Phase I, in which Peter gets his Oats (thank you, Sir Lennon).     Recorded during 1995, Phase I includes the songs that Peter and Timmy recorded when they first got back together after an obscene number of years, and also includes the three songs that Peter rediscovered in 1994, the ones that caused him to pick up the guitar and somehow get the nerve to start singing again.     This is vintage stuff, some of it so vintage you wouldn't believe it.     There's some duplication between Phase I and "A Hard Day at the Orifice", but that's the way it went down.     It was a long time coming, and now it's gonna be a long time gone (thanks David Crosby).     Some of these songs are not yet on the net (nyet-net), but they are available on cassette tape for the true trivia collector.

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1.    Favorite Toy:     Flash drumming, classic rock, vintage Peter Cross
2.    Child of Divorce:     Rock, very sad but very real
3.    Knight in Shining Armor:     Sexy rock.   Very erotic.
4.    The Ghost of Our Love:     Country rock, sad, very real.
5.    Breaking Love:     Cry, and wipe your nose along with Peter Cross
6.    Ten Thousand Dollars:     Uptempo basic rock, more vintage Peter Cross
7.    Too Young to be Lonely:     More vintage Peter Cross
8.    Sweet Pain:     And yet even more vintage Peter Cross
9.    A Question of Love:     Ballad, Beatles style
10.  Mysteries:     Rock from The Charles Bisquit Band with Peter Cross

Rock and Roll

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