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                      Someday I believe I'll be free
From the storm that remains over me
Someday my ship will come in
Someday I know I'm gonna win
Someday my work will be done
My hopes and dreams are gonna come true
Then I'll know true peace
Through the fire I will go to release
This pain in favor of hope
I'll climb from the end of my rope
Someday my ship will come in
Someday I know I'm gonna win.... someday

For today, I will pray to be strong
And then maybe I won't have to wait too long
Someday I will meet you at last
And that feeling of emptiness will pass
Someday there'll be a better choice
Someday I will find my true voice
Someday my ship will come in
Someday I know I'm gonna win.... someday


Guitars:   Philip Gnarly
Bass:   Eric Morton
Drums:   Dean Butterworth
Percussion:   Michael Tempo
Piano:   Stevie Keyes
Whistling:   Michael Andrews
Vocals:   Peter Cross and the Crossants
Engineering in LA:   Philip Gnarly and Jimbo Head
Engineering in SF:   Jay Bowman and Lance Thomason
Final Mix:   Mark Needham


Someday is a simple song of hope, a rare thing for Peter Cross, who seems to be more inspired by pain, suffering and loneliness than by pleasure or love. Written during the worst of times, the song was a conscious effort to be positive in the face of despair, to believe that redemption is on its way, if only because the only constant in our universe is that all things change. As a post script, things did get better eventually, but the ship referred to in the song is still at sea, and it's waiting for someone like you to find it.

Basic tracks were recorded at the Tiki Hut in Hollyweird with the usual team of Philip, Eric, and Deano. Philip's laptop slide guitar gave the track its dreamy feeling, and caused Peter to get the idea of whistling the melodic theme that occurs three times in the song. Not knowing anybody who could whistle well enough to record, he called the Musicians Union and they said they had only one professional whistler listed, so that must be the right guy, right? Wrong. But he had to be paid minimum 3 hours scale for the session anyway. So Peter was leaving the studio a bit disappointed when he met another band in the studio kitchen, and when they asked how his session went, he told them about the union whistler. The lead guitar player, Michael Andrews, said "I can whistle, would you let me try?" Peter was skeptical but went back into the studio anyway and Michael just whistled beautifully. He had so much fun doing it that he refused to take pay for his work. What a guy! Vocals were much more difficult. There's 16 tracks of vocals, and they were recorded three different times until Peter felt he was even close to the feeling he was after. He almost fired the Crossants, but he was unable to assemble them all in one place at the same time.

rock and roll
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