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Recorded during the spring of 1996, "A Hard Day at The Orifice" is primarily a collection of new "classic" style rock and roll, but there's also a beautiful ballad, a little reggae, and a rockabilly tune thrown in for variety.

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1.The Girl of My Dreams:    Uptempo rock, early Beatles style
2.   The Crossfire Conspiracy:    Uptempo rock, Stones style
3.   Good Cops Love Rock and Roll:    Rock, with an uptempo message
4.   Knight in Shining Armor:    Sexy rock, very sexy
5.   Someday:    Ballad, simple song of hope
6.   Jamaica Dandy:    Reggae, mon, very herbal
7.   Line Dancing Fool:    Rockabilly, one of a kind
8.   Ten Thousand Dollars:    Uptempo rock, vintage Peter Cross
9.   Favorite Toy:    Flash drumming rock, vintage Peter Cross
10. John is Alive:    uptempo rock, our tribute to immortal John

rock and roll
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