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dan & honey morph together

This is the middle of an on-going email discussion revolving around the multi-media production known as The Labyrinth. Please click here to start at the beginning ... if any part of this interests you, then you should join us. Just email

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from, help ... to the crew:

dan & honey's first contribution of footage can be seen @

choose fear.avi

Since this seems to be working out so nicely, lets continue production? i plan to create directories of original graphics and sequenced graphics for all to grab and play with.

... and thanx, dan and honey (here's what happened:)
honey did they original art work, scanned it in and emailed it to me. I made it smaller in bytes and placed it on the web for everyone to see. honey grabbed the gif from the web and made many more, changing them slightly, and saving them in sequence. she then ftp'ed them in. dan ftp'ed to his machine and morphed 'em together with "morph" software. (by the way, i was quite impressed that you grabbed honey's picture and the sound clip from the site, and incorporated it in ... nice.)

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