We’ve tried putting our philosophy on the Internet since 1994, but have yet to find the right words. You may have seen The Welcome Page c. 1994, Think Tank c. 1995, Hello Page c. 1997 or “My” Philosophy. Here is one of our more recent attempts http://metroworld.com/.

In general, the site came to exist during the dawning of the world wide web. It started with two people getting together. At that point, you might say it became a social movement.

When it came to monetary input, the philosophy has always been — “try to have fun doing the right thing.”

From there, we started a publishing division. The philosophy of the publishing division has always been — “the viewer comes first.” (Find out more about our business philosophy.)

Since this new media known as the www was a much more evolved form of interactive publishing, the line between the publisher and the audience became harder to differentiate. In affect, the two sides combined creating a much larger entity. That seems to be the way this social movement went from breathing, to crawling, to walking… to running. You might say we are viewer supported!

The Membrane Domain (Membrane.com) is an Internet portal with content based on the research & development of unordered systems — applied chaos theory. The publishing of our experiments has created this polymorph.

Polymorph — a substance or organism that may assume any one of several forms or types. Funk & Wagnalls’ Desk Standard Dictionary

Our members have been exploring the gravitation of money on the world wide web since 1994. In fact, we are one of the oldest internetworks of businesses, arts & entertainment, research and development, and on-line information.

Each team member is a polymath (individual of varied learning.) If you would like to find out more about us… or better yet, if you care to join us, please visit KingArthur.com, the Think Tank, InternetU, and our original homepage.

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