Flux Capacitor

Pete Specht – Vocals, Guitar, Guidance
Mike Specht – Keyboards, Laughs and Sound Effects
Jason Specht – Drums and Movement
Christopher Brouse – Producer / Director
Daniel Brouse – Producer / Director
Danielle Brouse – Post Production

It’s a long story. It starts at the point when Dirk Quinn asked if I’d come to his show on Thanksgiving Eve. I said, certainly; however, when it came to the part about me shooting video… er, a… well… the myth was, you can not video at the World Cafe Live. To make this long story shorter, I jumped through the hoops to get two press passes.

Father and son scoped out the venue and went to work. By the time the show started, members from all the bands playing wanted us to shoot video of them, too — Countdown To Ecstasy, Splintered Sunlight, Adam Monaco Band, Flux Capacitor and the Dirk Quinn Band. We agreed. [Pictures]

This part of the footage has to do with the father and son film crew interviewing the three brothers that make up Flux Capacitor. You see, I find it rather ironic. The footage was shot outside the World Cafe Live. What I mean is… I had to sign a contract with World Cafe Live for the footage that I shot inside. We were outside smoking a cigar while Flux Capacitor was loading their gear. Security from WCL came over to us, yelled, told us how to prop the door open… then, locked us out, instead. The five of us are outside laughing, trying to get back in. After several failed attempts, we decide to just do it outside. Wouldn’t you know, a mile long train started going by. Luckily, another WCL staff member came out… one of the Specht brothers tried to grab the door as she was going back in. The employee got into a tug-of-war with the Flux Capacitor and slammed the door. What’s up with that?

In any event, the footage is all shot outside. Thank you WXPN World Cafe Live for making the venue possible and the entertainment thrilling.

Flux Capacitor and KingArthur.com Locked Out of the World Cafe Live

Flux Capacitor and KingArthur.com Locked Out of the World Cafe Live

Introducing Flux Capacitor (the Son’s Point-Of-View)
Introducing Flux Capacitor (the Pop’s Point-Of-View)

Part 1: Rock-n-Roll Family Thanksgiving Greeting
Part 2: KingArthur.com and Flux Capacitor
Part 3: KingArthur.com and Flux Capacitor
Part 4: KingArthur.com and Flux Capacitor
Part 5: KingArthur.com and Flux Capacitor

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