Stuff Kids With Junk

Great. Encourage kids to eat junk food, make ‘em obese as early as possible, predisposed to heard disease and adult onset diabetes and …

Agribusiness don’t care. What have kids done for them lately ?

Dear God, have they no shame ? (Never mind, that was a rhetorical question)

“advertising of low-nutrient high-density foods continues to be a significant preventable variable in the childhood obesity epidemic,”

“nearly three out of four, 72.5 percent, of the foods advertised on television to children are for products in the poorest nutritional category”

“it would require watching 10 hours of children’s programs to find one healthy food ad. ”

“49 percent, of all food ads with licensed characters, such as Spongebob Squarepants, promote foods in the poorest nutritional category.”

Fattening the Kids


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