by Charles M. Barnard

In general, anything I send anyone is ‘for publication’ unless otherwise noted… it’s easier to be open than to track your secrets (especially if you’re ADHD!)

Of course, this means that some whoppers of mistakes make it to the public, but that’s the risk…hiding them and being found out is much, much worse.

My State has just declared February 6th as “Ronald Reagan Day.” I’m thinking we should celebrate the way Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated–for the same reasons, ‘lest we forget.’ But unlike Guy Fawkes, in addition to hanging and burning effigies, we will have zombies running the government for the day–oh, wait, we already do that every day. Hmmm. At any rate, it’s an excuse for fireworks in February, and THAT at least, is a good thing.

Senator Joe McCarthy deserves a day too. We need a formal day to piss on his grave.

If I can get them to establish a “Bush week” I’m definitively going into the effigy business.

Wisconsin. Home of some of the best and worst ideas in government.


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