Is Christmas Messed Up?
by Daniel Brouse on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 4:57pm

Is Christmas Messed Up? .MP3 (1-track stereo extemporaneous recording)

Do you find this Christmas thing
Is a little messed up?

I mean I like the way each year
It brings good cheer.
But, the glove
On the other hand
Says, "What about love?"

Does this Christmas thing
Seem a little messed up?

I love the children
When they sing
I like the presents
That She'll bring
It's just a little
A little messed up
But, the glove
On the other hand
Says, "What about love?"

What about love?

I thought it was about
The Birth?
A special being on Earth?
I thought
it was about

When you see all the feet
On the street
The bustle and the hustle
Of the Christmas shuffle
With piles of pictures
Of dead presidents
To go and buy some
Just seems a little messed
Just seems that Christmas
Is a little messed up

Will you join the chorus
With us
And, praise the Lord
Join in and sing with us
"What about love"
Join the chorus
(And, the angels chime in)
Come fly with us

And, my Lord, I pray
I pray it's the only Christmas present I have

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