Message Of Harmony
by Daniel Brouse, November, 2010

Message Of Harmony .MP3

Something to start the Holiday Spirit.. based on a true story.

This is live from with a message of harmony:

"Speak up, Son. I can't hear what you're saying."
I said, "I ain't talking to you.
I was singing songs
I was praying to my Lord."

My Lord, I'm praying
My Lord, I'm praying
Do you hear what I'm singing?

She said, "Make music.
Where the message is the music.
And, the music is the message.
Make it pretty.
A message of harmony."

"Speak up, Son.
I can't hear you."
I said, "I ain't talking to you.
I ain't actually talking
I'm really trying
To sing

Warm the spirits
Sing a song
They'll sing along
The world will hear it

[God says:]
Off your knees
If you please
Raise your eyes
To the skies
Sing to the Lord
Sing out loud
Sing a song
Of harmony
Make it pretty

[I respond:]
What I'm trying to do
Because you asked me to
Gonna sing a song
About harmony
Try to make it pretty
Gonna sing this song of harmony
Gonna try to make it pretty

Help me
Shape history
History shapers
And, makers

You still
Have freewill
It's something you've had
You can choose

So, here's something you can do
Your freewill

One more time
Gonna break it down
Need some harmony

One, two, three
One, two, three

Peace and harmony

And, there's something
I want you to know
I'm always right here

Who cares if people think
You're singing to yourself
I'm always right by your side
There is nothing for you to hide
You can always sing out loud
To be heard
Cause we're making it
For the herd

Sing a pretty song
Gonna sing
Sing a pretty song
Sing a pretty song
All day long
'bout peace, love, understanding
And, harmony

She's always
Peace, love and harmony
She's always
Next me
Peace, love and harmony

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