Noise Heard 'round the World
by The Holiday Band on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 5:48pm

Noise Heard 'round the World .MP3 (1-track stereo extemporaneous recording)

I went to my Lordess
"I don't know how
to address this....
Your present For Christmas...."

[She replied:]
Instead of toys
I'd prefer a noise
Heard 'round the world

A noise heard 'round the world
Make a noise heard 'round the world

? YooowwwwwwwwWowNow

My Lordess
For what it's worth
I'm sure going to try
With the message of Joy
To inspire
A message heard 'round the world

A noise heard 'round the world
Then, out into the universe
The next verse
Her being on Earth
The noise heard 'round the world

instrumentation: Ibenez electric guitar, Casio wk-3500, MicroKorg, DigiTech and Boss effects

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