Do You Know What I Mean?


Imagine that you are in deep, deep space… looking in the direction of Earth. You start accelerating. As you approach our planet, you can start to make-out the shapes of many blocks. The closer that you get, the more cubicles come into focus. Finally, as the number of cubicles appears to be reaching infinity, you come to the space known as "my cubicle".

Once you pass into my space, you continue inside the cubicle that sits atop my neck. Slipping into my consciousness, you say to yourself:

"We live in decadent, decadent times," I tell you. Are you gonna come clean? Look at yourself! Look in the mirror… is it the same old routine? Do you know what I mean?

Are you going to come clean? Or, have you become one with the machine? Do you have any idea what it is I mean?

Welcome to the ma-sheeeeeene. Are you coming clean?

You thought it couldn't... it couldn't happen to you. Now, here you are… caged in their zoo.

interlude for pondering

Do you know what I mean? Will you ever, ever come clean?

You're part of their machine.

The home of the free. The land of the brave. If not for you… but, for me?

better ponder some more

Do you have any idea?

And, you wonder to yourself, "Will I contribute to my generation being as lame as the one before me?"

Double Taxation (Without Representation) / 2xTax

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The Concert

Make a noize at
1. Open Here 2. (It's Coming) For Sure 3. Tether (part 3) 4. Baby... Doll Intro. 5. Do You Have Any Idea? 6. Zenation 7. Timewave 8. Do Me In 9. Amazin' 10. Funk #69 11. Soul 100 12. Just Wheels 13. Bonus Track (Any Idea? Reprise)

What's Up With This?

Liberty -- the power of voluntary choice. Ah Ha! CHOICE... that seems to indicate that you must make a conscious decision. But, then when I look around at the hoards of brain dead, I wonder about my own lameness. What am I choosing to do? Am I any different then those around me? And, if we are all this pathetic when it comes to protecting our freedom, how long will we remain free?

This multimedia concert was written and recorded on-the-fly with the intent of processing my inquiries on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness into an easily digestible form... so, that you may help me to make the right decision when I cast my vote.

The Americans performing at this live event had never played together before. The show was captured using a Digital Video camera, an 8mm and a super 8mm video camera in a New Jersey basement. I've tried to add any sights and sounds that were in my mind, but that I was unable to process at that time.

-- Digital Yoda

The Band

Sidd: 2nd Grip
Cool Hand: Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar, Bass
Mar T.: Drums, Percussion, Bass
The Kids: Themselves
Digital Yoda: Hammond B3, Vocals, Keyboards, Video, Multimedia, Web

Bonus Singles

A Liberty Experiment
Everything's Turning Upside Down!

Have you looked in the mirror?

Industrial Noize Pollution

All music and lyrics are recorded spontaneously.

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