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"RomBox Charts The Hits" is based on actual downloads, The Rock n' Roll Romper Room, man-on-the-street surveys, reviews, peer insight, requests for lyrics (and such) of extemporaneous songs.

Top Hits

  1. Astral Airlines Video (lyrics and MP3)
  2. Open My Eyes Video (lyrics and MP3)
  3. The 2nd Law of Ohm Dynamics Video (lyrics and MP3)
  4. Head To Head Video (lyrics and MP3)
  5. Space Force Video (lyrics and MP3)
  6. War! Video (lyrics and MP3)
  7. What's Up Video (lyrics and MP3)
  8. About Heaven.mp3 (lyrics)
  9. Reptile Dysfunction Video (lyrics and meaning)
  10. Something Different.mp3 (Progressive Version) (lyrics)
  11. Dancing Off The Roof Video (lyrics)
  12. Foreigner (Alternative Rock).mp3 (lyrics)
  13. Karma Quirk Video (lyrics and MP3)
  14. Spread It (All Over the World) .mp3 (lyrics and music video)
  15. No Rain.mp3 (lyrics)
  16. Right!.mp3 (lyrics)
  17. Razor Face Video (lyrics and MP3
  18. Alpha Centauri Moments.mp3 (lyrics)
  19. Carnival Cruise Video (lyrics and .mp3)
  20. Let's Get (Psychedelia/Progressive Rock Part 2).mp3 (lyrics and video)
  21. Stampede Of Our Own Confusion.mp3 (lyrics)
  22. Believe Video (lyrics and MP3)
  23. Freedom Kingdom.mp3 (lyrics)
  24. Birth Of Earth.mp3 (lyrics)
  25. Rise! .mp3 (lyrics)
  26. She Spent The Money.mp3 (lyrics)
  27. At Love (Alternative Rock).mp3 (lyrics and alt. version mp3)
  28. Newage Sewage.mp3 (lyrics)
  29. Suffering The Fool's Pain.mp3 (lyrics)
  30. Any Which Way.mp3 (lyrics)
  31. Know It All.mp3 (lyrics)
  32. She Is Alive.mp3 (lyrics)
  33. Little Willy.mp3 (Sweet Coversong) (lyrics)
  34. Crack Of Light.mp3 (lyrics and video)
  35. Her Eyes Upon Me.mp3 (lyrics)
  36. Therapeutic Music.mp3 (lyrics)
  37. Love Music.mp3 (lyrics and videos)
  38. Itching Energy.mp3 (lyrics and video)
  39. Out Of The Dark.mp3 (lyrics)
  40. God Bless Ya.mp3 (lyrics)
  41. Raise The Spirit.mp3 (lyrics and videos)
  42. Time Being.mp3 (lyrics)
  43. Way.mp3 (lyrics and videos)
  44. Fame And Fortune.mp3 (lyrics)
  45. A Touch Of God .mp3 (lyrics)
  46. Please Do NOT Be Dumb with Freedom.mp3 (lyrics)
  47. The Years In Review.mp3 (lyrics)
  48. Pushing Up Daisies
  49. Dave Grohl Rock n' Roll School
  50. Scissor Massacre (music video & lyrics)
  51. enCourageMeant.mp3 (lyrics)
  52. Know No Snow (music video, MP3, lyrics)
  53. Ohio (Neil Young Cover Song).mp3 (lyrics)
  54. Ozone Poisoning.mp3 (lyrics)
  55. ROI .mp3 (lyrics)
  56. Fear Not .mp3 (lyrics)
  57. Something About You .mp3 (lyrics)
  58. Push The Envelope Part 2.mp3 (lyrics)
  59. Luxury Sweet.mp3 (lyrics)
  60. Dastardly Deeds.mp3 (lyrics)
  61. Peace Sign .mp3 (lyrics)
  62. Number One .mp3 (lyrics)
  63. Pull Out! Get High! .mp3 (lyrics)
  64. H e double toothpick .mp3 (lyrics)
  65. New Song Sung .mp3 (lyrics)
  66. I Need Your Love .mp3 (lyrics)
  67. The Rat .mp3 (lyrics)
  68. Arm Strong .mp3 (lyrics)
  69. Oh Lord, Take a Look at Us Now
  70. Bonemeal
  71. The Day
  72. Love Spell
  73. White Death
  74. Yield
  75. Move Meant
  76. The Drive Fast Song (.mp4 Video)
  77. Souled.mp3 (lyrics)
  78. String Theory .mp3 (lyrics)
  79. George Smith Towing (.mp4 Video)
  80. Ain't No Destiny

All Time Favorites

  1. Oh, Well
  2. Anatomy Of Me
  3. Happening
  4. Hey Human
  5. Angels And Zombies
  6. Bull True X2
  7. I Am There MPEG4 Music Video(More Info.)
  8. Go With It
  9. Teardrop
  10. Sweet Tribute: Ballroom Blitz (Music Videos & More By This Band)
  11. Dragon
  12. Odd God
  13. Mootmute Theme Song
  14. Topsy-turvy (More Info. & music video download)
  15. How Many Miles? (More Info.)
  16. Devour Our Young (More Info.)
  17. Something Is Amiss
  18. So Precious
  19. Bad Astronomy
  20. What The Hell Is This?
  21. meddleURGEy
  22. Ghoul
  23. A Passion To Play
  24. Thrill
  25. Foggin' Up My Eyes (More Info.)
  26. Cheesecake
  27. Stuck On You
  28. Smudge
  29. Let 'em Roll
  30. Seven Nation Army (White Stripes Coversong)
  31. A Day For Love
  32. Copious Spare Time (No Time for a Disaster)
  33. Get Real
  34. Whose Baby Is This?
  35. Nanotechnology
  36. Whoa To Woe
  37. Who Is Next
  38. America... All Right! (Ballad Version)
  39. dontFit

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