Bought and Paid For

The bankers own Washington. The politicians wear knee pads.

“Deregulation would help Rubin earn over $100 million in the following decade. ”

“If you get Chuck Schumer on your side, you are okay,”
“so much money from Wall Street over the years—more than $14 million”

And that’s just small change.

“Not even the Mafia has a vig like that.”

No… the bankers are worse than the Mob.

Who owns your representatives ?

“The defense lobby? Pikers. They contributed $24 million to individuals and PACs during the last election cycle. The farm lobby? $65 million. Health care? We’re getting warmer. Health care was the No. 2 industry, at $167 million.”

“And the finance lobby? They’re No. 1, with a very, very big bullet. They contributed an astonishing $475 million during the 2008 election cycle. That’s up from $60 million almost two decades ago.”

“$500 million on political contributions in just a single election”

“the financial industry spent $402 million in the first 10 months of 2009″

The government of the USA is bought and paid for. If you are not too big to fail, you don’t exist. Of course, you could try buying a local politician or three.

This Land is Their Land

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