Death Penalty is a Moral Failure

“the only intellectually respectable support for the death penalty system” in the USA has “pronounced its project a failure and walked away from it.” citing “intractable institutional and structural obstacles”

The article continues:
“What the institute was saying is that the capital justice system in the United States is irretrievably broken.”

After all those exonerations based on shoddy police and presecutorial work, and DNA evidence, the deep and evident racial disparity in the recipients of death penalties, they only now have the courage to say this ?

“capital punishment is plagued by racial disparities; is enormously expensive even as many defense lawyers are underpaid and some are incompetent; risks executing innocent people; and is undermined by the politics that come with judicial elections”

If judges are elected, they will pander to the electorate. Is any of this so hard to understand ” I suppose so, for hidebound and vindictive creatures exemplified here:

“Mr. Scheidegger expressed satisfaction that an effort to have the institute come out against the death penalty as such was defeated.”

Have such men no shame ? And worse, have they no compassion ? No mercy in their souls ?

I suppose not.

From the article:

“the death penalty in the United States is a moral and practical failure.”

Killing Grounds

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