Preying on the Ill

Sell expensive insurance, then drop those who fall ill. What a business.

“Shortly after his diagnosis, however, his insurance company, Fortis, revoked his policy.”

“Fortis had a company policy of targeting policyholders with HIV. A computer program and algorithm targeted every policyholder recently diagnosed with HIV for an automatic fraud investigation, as the company searched for any pretext to revoke their policy”

Hide the evidence.

“…members of the rescission committee not record the identity of the persons present”

“…agreed with the lower court’s finding that Fortis destroyed records to hide the corporation’s misconduct.”

“Fortis demonstrated an indifference to Mitchell’s life and a reckless disregard to his health and safety.”

For no legal reason:

“…concluded that Anthem Blue Cross lacked legal grounds for cancelling policies in every single instance.”

Hide some more evidence.

“There was also evidence that documents and/or records regarding (Mitchell’s) policy were deleted; and that telephone logs and recordings contained key omissions.”

“…shredded” documents…”

These corporations are slime. Their leaders are scum. Read the article, but be warned, you need a strong stomach:

Sick Stories

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