Sugar Daddy

After poisoning the land, losing half a billion dollars, who you gonna call to bail you out? The politicians you bough and paid for, that’s who.

“United States Sugar was, as one official put it during an interview, ‘pretty much in the driver’s seat.’ ”

“On Nov. 15, 2007, two United States Sugar lobbyists met in the governor’s office”

“The lobbyists, J. M. Stipanovich and Brian Ballard, had supported Mr. Crist’s campaign for governor”.”

“Mr. Crist said in an interview that he could not remember ‘the particulars’ of when or how the idea had originated. ”

Gee, that’s a whole lotta campaign contributions you forgot there Charlie.

“This is a death warrant for the Everglades”

“while the water district agreed to pay United States Sugar nearly $7,000 an acre for citrus land, it is now selling for $4,000 an acre”

“Thomas Van Lent, a hydrologist for the Everglades Foundation, said he had “no idea” why the state had agreed to purchase it as part of the deal.”

“An environmental assessment presented to the district revealed that 49,000 acres of the United States Sugar land was contaminated with high levels of copper, DDT, selenium and other chemicals. Arsenic was detected at levels above human health standards in more than 6,000 acres of land, the documents showed.”

Sugar companies have been poisoning the Everglades since they began. Let’s not even talk about the politically motivated tariffs on imported sugar, that make them millions. Now that the land is trashed, unload it on the government, aided by corrupt politicians, lawyers and lobbyists. After all, it worked for the banks didn’t it ?

Excuse me, I have to take a shower now.

Sweet, sweet money

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