Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter
Spring '99
 by Geoff Wilbur
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  • Renegade Facts and Info -- Are you getting it? 
  • Publisher's Note -- a Note from Publisher Geoff Wilbur 
  • The Masthead -- Who does what at the Renegade?

  • Geographic Listing of Renegade Writers and Their E-Mail Addresses -- Invite a Renegade Writer Out to Cover Your Show! 
  • Belloluna's So-Called Livid Life -- an interview with John Brand of Belloluna 
  • Leadhead's Lounge -- Shane Copher's Review Column

  • Featuring the latest CDs from Vanilla Ice, Judas Priest, Cheap Trick, World of Silence, and 16 Volt

  • Slavicsky's Smorgasbord -- Al Slavicsky's Review Column

  • Featuring the latest recordings from Teen Heroes, Outpatients, Tex Svengali, O.Z. Willis, Cranium, All Hail Me, The Amazing Royal Crowns, Dazz Band, Sturgeon General, Doctor Hadley, Spring Heeled Jack USA, Archers of Loaf, Pond, Shirley Brown, 22 Jacks, The Ashley Wilkes Band, William Becton & Friends, Sublime, Rancid, Vondur, Monster Voodoo Machine, Cirrus, Fiji Mariners featuring Col. Bruce Hampton, Zebrahead, Wank, Violent Society, The Suspects, Ruth Ruth, Emmet Swimming, Madam Crain & Wahorn, Circle of Dust, Cold, The Psycho Realm, Backstreet Boys, The Fixtures, Das Klown, Lida Husik, Moby, Drain Bramaged, All Day, Substance D., Quincy Punx, Scott Weiland, Speaker, Caustic Realm, R. Kelly, Bare Jr., Poonanny, and Mel Waiters 
  • Publisher's Corner -- Renegade Publisher Geoff Wilbur reviews the latest CDs from Britney Spears, Martin's Dam, Royal Hunt, Fat Amy, Subduing Mara, Genghis Angus, Toxic Field Mice, Impulse Ride, The Cate Brothers Band, The Seymores, Mike Tramp, Samian, Alexi Lalas, The Ashley Wilkes Band, and Jerry Seinfeld

  • Video Reviews -- Renegade Writer Al Slavicsky reviews the latest videos from The Ziggens and Backstreet Boys

  • Album Reviews -- The Renegade Staff reviews the latest CDs from the Warren Brothers, the Bill Lyerly Band, Davina, Blue Oyster Cult, NineDollarMelonBaller, Drain S.T.H., Witness, Chicago Mass Choir, James Hall and Worship and Praise, 12RODS, The Notwist, The Dingees, Wendy Carlos, Jupiter Coyote, Five-Eight, RAW Kinder, G.M.W.A., Freddy Frogs, Cutters, L.A. Mass Choir, The Seymores, Salt of the Earth, Synergy, Slaughter, Uncle Otto, Vivian Quinn Sayles, and Daryl Coley

  • Compilation Reviews -- The Renegade Staff reviews the following compilation discs: Clay Pigeons original motion picture soundtrack, ECW Extreme Music, Bride of Chucky soundtrack, The Best of Rockline, CMJ: The Year in Music 1982, 12" Essentials: The Eighties, Retro Lunchbox: Squeeze the Cheeze, Retro Lunchbox: Gooey Love Songs, Take Warning: Songs of Operation Ivy, The Dawning of Pure Evil: Five Years of Necropolis Records, Summer of Loud, 1998 Victory Hardcore Summer Tour cassette, Suburban Voice #018: Another Rockiní 7" EP, Nothing to Believe In!, Solar -- A Sampler, Spring 1998, The Immortal 7, Cooler Than Your Mom, ESPN Presents X-Games: The Soundtrack Album, What Were We Fighting For?: A Dead Kennedys Tribute, and Moonshine Over America '98: The Album

  • The Local Scene: Lansing, MI -- Local Live Music "Caught in the Act" and Lansing Music News

  • Demo Reviews -- The Renegade Staff reviews the latest demos from Tinfoil, Blue Rose, Rob Thorworth, The Living, Dog Fashion Disco, The Process, Bob Fields, and Godboy

  • Renegade Classified Ads

  • Hey Bands! -- How to Get Mentioned in the Renegade

  • Renegade Printable Subscription Form -- an easy way to get the print edition of the Renegade sent right to your door 

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