Renegade Newsletter

Winter 1996

by Geoff Wilbur

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  • Renegade Facts and Info -- Are you getting it?
  • Publisher's Note -- a Note from Publisher Geoff Wilbur
  • The Masthead -- Who does what at the Renegade?

  • Joe Nichols: New Kid on the Scene -- an interview with country singer Joe Nichols
  • "Ekoostik Hookah" Invaydz the Planet -- an interview with Cliff Starbuck of Ekoostik Hookah
  • "Wild Strawberries" Prescribe Music -- an interview with Roberta Carter Harrison of Wild Strawberries
  • "Twin Ferraris" Play Locally Again -- an article about the Twin Ferraris
  • "Slim Chance and the Possibles" in Grand Ledge -- an article about Slim Chance and the Possibles
  • Philly Music Conference '96 -- coverage of showcases from the Philadelphia Music Conference, plus a side trip to the 11th Annual World Champoinship Punkin'Chunkin'
  • Eat at Joes -- Joe Szilvagyi's Review Column
    Featuring the latest CD's from Nil Lara, Jane Jensen, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Decoryah, The Virgin Whore Complex, and Ekoostik Hookah, plus "Joe's Salad Bar," featuring EP and Vinyl reviews of The Notwist, Love Spirals Downwards, Jonatha Brooke, and Gumption.
  • Leadhead's Lounge -- Shane Copher's Review Column
    Featuring the latest CD's from Crystal Gayle, Medalyon, The Bellamy Brothers, Powerface, Alabama, Floodgate, and Ty England
  • Album Reviews -- The Renegade Staff reviews the latest CD's from Sublime, Baillie and the Boys, Monkey Chuck, Duncan Sheik, Men of Vizion, Micheal Hill's Blues Mob, Yontz Sucre, R. Kelly, Necromantia, Tim Skold, and Crawl
  • Concert Reviews -- Micheal Fuller reviews Rush and Poe
  • The Local Scene: Lansing, MI -- Local Live Music "Caught in the Act," The Lansing Band Guide, and Lansing Music News
  • Demo Reviews -- Janet Schmidt reviews 3 Pound Universe
  • Renegade Classified Ads

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